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Saphir Saddle Soap
Saphir Saddle Soap

Saphir Saddle Soap

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Saphir's Saddle / Cleaning Soap contains glycerin for deep cleaning of rough, oily leathers. Saddle Soap can be used to prep shoes for polishing by removing any dirt and successive layers of wax. Saphir's Saddle Soap is a little more aggressive than their Cleaning Soap. 100 ml. Made in France.

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes the successive layers of wax and gives back to the leather its original appearance. With our new improved forumalation, it is totally colourless, with purified glycerine.

Recommended Directions:
- Non alkaline formula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-aggressive for leather
- Essential before applying the Pigmenting Cream or the Renovators, just like washing your hands before applying a cream.
- Opens the leather pores and facilitates pigment penetration.
- Use with a Sponge or a soft Brush if necessary.
- Average use 25 to 30 ml per seat.