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Saphir Renovateur (On Backorder - Arrive in end December)

Saphir Renovateur (On Backorder - Arrive in end December)

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Due to overwhelming demand, our Saphir Renovateur has been sold out and open for backorders. New stock is estimated to arrive around end December 2019. Updates will be sent via e-mail/mobile to customers whom are on our backorder reservation list.

Due to the wait for the backorder, we'll be offering a discount for all customers whom place their orders with us - Renovateur will be @ $25 instead of $27. Also, priority for our new stocks will be given to customers whom are on our backorder reservation list.

Hence, do join in the list and place your order today if you want to get yours first hand when our new stock arrives. Thank you for everyone's kind wait and support with us, as always. Our team at The Quarters truly appreciate it. Cheers!

For those whom do not wish to wait, we recommend to go for the Creme Universelle, which is another great alternative to the Renovateur as a leather conditioner. Creme Universelle has a gentler formulation that works great for all types of leather goods, such as shoes, wallets, bags etc.

The Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner is considered to be the absolute best all-purpose shoe care product. The Renovateur is appropriate for use as a conditioner during a normal shine or used between shines. Most-popular Saphir product.

- All-purpose cleaner and conditioner
- Perfect for smooth calfskin, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, and cordovan
- Water-based formulation with no solvents
- Rejuvenates leather through deep conditioning
- Contains waxes for soft matte patina
- Made in France

Recommended Directions:
- Use the Saphir Renovateur either as the base coat of a polish in order to provide gentle cleaning and deep conditioning or between shines as a "touch up."
- The waxes in the Saphir Renovateur will provide a nice, soft shine to any pair of shoes while the neutral formula will not change the color of the leather.
- Also, use the Saphir Renovateur for moisturizing a pair of shoes whose natural patina you do not want to change.
- The Renovateur does not contain any pigments but will provide deep, essential nourishment to your favorite shoes.
- We recommend for the Renovateur to be used alone as a routine maintenance product as well as between coats of cream/wax as a cleaner and conditioner.