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Saphir Renovateur

Saphir Renovateur

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The Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner is considered to be the absolute best all-purpose shoe care product. The Renovateur is appropriate for use as a conditioner during a normal shine or used between shines. Most-popular Saphir product.

- All-purpose cleaner and conditioner
- Perfect for smooth calfskin, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, and cordovan
- Water-based formulation with no solvents
- Rejuvenates leather through deep conditioning
- Contains waxes for soft matte patina
- Made in France

Recommended Directions:
- Use the Saphir Renovateur either as the base coat of a polish in order to provide gentle cleaning and deep conditioning or between shines as a "touch up."
- The waxes in the Saphir Renovateur will provide a nice, soft shine to any pair of shoes while the neutral formula will not change the color of the leather.
- Also, use the Saphir Renovateur for moisturizing a pair of shoes whose natural patina you do not want to change.
- The Renovateur does not contain any pigments but will provide deep, essential nourishment to your favorite shoes.
- We recommend for the Renovateur to be used alone as a routine maintenance product as well as between coats of cream/wax as a cleaner and conditioner.